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At a Loss for Words

I finished my edits for my short story in Dark Cheer, the cryptids anthology by Improbable Press that should be coming out later this year. It took me a week to even think about completing it because I'm still so sad. I'm currently sitting on my couch, sticky-eyed from crying on the phone when a colleague called about a work-related issue and asked about Iceland.

I suppose that needs an explanation. In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to Iceland during the summer. On the first day in Iceland, my beloved B.B. passed away. Imagine getting the news that your companion of the past 13 years had died. She was with me since she was a puppy and to not have been there when it happened was heart-wrenching. It definitely colored the trip. I suppose the one positive of being in Iceland was that all the hiking to get to and fro kept me distracted. Her loss always hit me hardest when I was sitting still. Now that I'm home I'm still far too often, partly due to the heat making it impossible to go outside, so the sadness is always weighing me down. I'm still grieving B.B.'s loss and that makes life a bit of a challenge right now.

B.B. had health issues and the extended family had already had the conversation about her time approaching, but in no way did we expect her to go so soon. No one was ready, but I suppose no one ever is for something like this.

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